Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I store my TFT?

It is recommended to store your TFT on ThreeFold Connect. To set up your account, follow the steps described here. You may also find other wallet options here.

What is the potential price of TFT?

The total number of TFT is limited and the growth of the ThreeFold Grid is limtitless. In that sense, the price of TFT is expected to rise according to the growth and utilization fo the ThreeFold Grid.

Today, we look back on how Bitcoin decentralized the banking industry. In 10 years the world will look back on how ThreeFold decentralized the Internet. In one way, ThreeFold is inevitable.

Important note: The ThreeFold Token (TFT) is not an investment instrument and it's value should not be based on speculation. A TFT represents a unit of compute, storage and network capacity on the ThreeFold Grid and is backed by real hardware. You should buy TFT only if you believe in the future of the ThreeFold Grid.

What is the difference between staking and vesting?

In general, staking mechanisms offer additional rewards in exchange of holding some tokens. With the ThreeFold Grid 3.0 release, it is possible to stake your TFT by keeping them in your wallet. By doing so, you’ll receive discounts on capacity reservation. You can find more information about staking here.

The ThreeFold Connect App also provides a vesting option. Vesting is a voluntarily mechanism that allows community members to reduce the circulating supply by locking up their TFT. While it doesn’t provide any personal benefits, it has a positive impact on the overall tokenomics. Learn more about vesting here.

What is TFT?

The ThreeFold Token (TFT) is the official currency of ThreeFold. It represents a unit of Internet capacity in the form of cloud computing, internet storage or networking and is 100% backed by real hardware.

On one hand, TFT is earned by all ThreeFold node operators with on a montly basis for providing the Internet and cloud capacity needed to host humanity’s data and workloads.

On the other hand, TFT energizes the ThreeFold Grid, allowing people to store their files and tun their applications via smart contract, eliminating all forms of intermediaires that could corrupt their data and making them digitally autonomous.

Learn more about TFT here.

How to send TFT to other wallet addresses?

There are several ways to send and receive TFT depending on the wallet you are using. In the ThreeFold Connect app, the folllwoing options are availabel to you:

The easiest way to send TFT on ThreeFold Connect is via QR code. Open your ThreeFold Connect App, go to ‘Wallet’, tap ‘Send’ and scan someone else’s QR code. Enter the TFT amount you want to send and issue the transfer.

Another option is to send TFT to another wallet address: Open your ThreeFold App, go to ‘Wallet’, tap ‘Send’ and paste someone else’s wallet address. Enter the TFT amount you wish to send and issue the transfer.

How much of the total circulating supply is locked in vesting?

There is a token stats section in the wiki which is automatically updated every time wiki redeployed. You can find latest numbers there.

How can I get my tokens back if I lost my seed key?

Your seed key is the only way to retrieve or migrate your funds from damaged or deleted wallet. You should always make sure to have a backup of your seed key stored in a safe place. In case of unfortunate loss, no one will be able to assist you.

What is the current price of the TFT?

The current live market price of TFT is displayed on coin aggregators such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

What is the market cap of TFT?

We have a detailed overview of the TFT economy here that describes the amount of liquid tokens and enables you to calculate the current circulating supply.

Coinmarketcap reports some market capitalisation but they have their own methodology of calculating market capitalisation. We often share the latest data about TFT with them to reduce the gap between their calculations and ours.

How and where can I buy TFT?

To buy TFT, users can go to regulated exchanges, DEXs (decentralized exchanges) and wallets or directly to ThreeFold’s buy and sell platform. Like most digital currencies, TFT is transferable to any other compatible wallet.

The most used platforms are:

  1. Pancake Swap to exchange any Binance Smart Chain token to TFT.

  2. Liquid Exchange and Liquid Quick Exchange support bank deposits, visa credit cards and most used cryptocurrencies.

  3. Stellar DEX to exchange XLM or other stellar based tokens to TFT (multiple wallets and DEX UI supported).

Learn more about the other buying options here

What are the TFT transaction costs?

All blockchain networks have some transactions cost as a measure to prevent spammy transactions and to incentivise miners. The transaction cost to send or receive TFT on the ThreeFold blockchain is of 0.1 TFT.

Is the value of TFT the same on BSC and Stellar? And can I transfer TFT to ThreeFold Connect?

Yes, the value of TFT is the same on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Stellar. You can find how to migrate between BSC and Stellar here in the wiki. Note that the exchange price of TFT may vary on different exchanges according to market conditions.

Where can I find more information about ThreeFold Token and ThreeFold tokenomics?

A lot of effort has been put in being 100% transparant across the tokenomics and plans around TFT. You may find extent information on the token section of our library and on our forum.

Will you list on additional exchanges and when?

ThreeFold believes that TFT should be available and accessible to everyone, everywhere. Therefore, our team and ecosystem is working hard on improving the availability of TFT globally. As a community, we discuss the latest olisting options, exchange integrations and more. This forum thread may provide you with some useful information.

Where can I find my wallet address?

All wallets and exchanges provide a way to access your wallet address. In the ThreeFold Connect app, you may find it under the ‘Wallet’ tab. There, you can see your TFT wallets and balances. For other TFT compatible wallets, please visit their offical website and ask for support there. You may find other wallets here.