Earth positive means taking responsibility for our footprint and leaving the planet better than when we found it. We enable the shift to an Earth Positive economy based on reciprocity, where every act of consumption is met with an opposite act of regeneration and protection of nature. We do this by building a marketplace of products and services powered by positive impact assets – tokens that when purchased, go directly and verifiably (via blockchain) to regenerative impact like the protection of rainforest or restoration of mangroves.


Empower every global citizen to protect and regenerate nature.


We protect biodiversity – focusing on the most threatened ecosystems such as tropical forests and mangroves – by empowering communities with verified positive impact assets. Anyone can get earth positive via our marketplace of token-backed products and services.

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We are proud to partner with ThreeFold to securely host our decentralized mobile apps on the most sustainable architecture we’ve found on the planet.

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Shifting just 1% of the world’s wealth to positive impact assets can reverse ecological damage and make humanity a force of regeneration and conservation of nature.