FlowGen is a dynamic company developing, producing and selling revolutionary small wind turbines. Instead of relying on conventional designs, FlowGen has designed their wind turbines from first principles, using the most advanced analytical tools available. In this way they have achieved performance levels previously thought impossible.

These performance levels allow FlowGen to create a new segment in the wind energy market.


Founded by former Porsche GT3 race team leader Dirk Kรผster in 2015, FlowGen pushes the limits of optimisation in wind energy generation. Under the lead of Dirk, a team of experts from the motorsport aerodynamic area and the automotive industry have created a highly-efficient wind turbine by combining motorsport design tools and advanced aerodynamic know how. Formula 1 analysis tools and experience have been applied throughout the design and development process.

After the design milestones were achieved, an automotive production process was conceived and developed with selected, internationally-renowned partners. The result is a high volume, low cost mass production process which meets the needs of the market and allows FlowGen to offer a wind turbine that is practical to use and commercially attractive. To protect its unique concept, FlowGen holds a comprehensive portfolio of international patents as well as design and trademark rights relating the turbine and its parts.


  • Drive forward the development of new solutions in sustainable energy generation.
  • Make renewable energy accessible and economically viable in new areas.
  • Make a significant contribution to building a greener planet.


  • Efficiency: Due to the unique design, FlowGen achieves 5kW even at low wind speeds. Thus, the turbine is efficient in a wide range of locations throughout the world.
  • Distributed Energy: The high-efficiency enables distributed power generation โ€“ energy production at or near the point of use. This in turn reduces pressure on the electricity grid and also allows installation in a wide range of areas with no grid connection.
  • Simple: The wind turbine can be installed without high masts or deep foundations, which simplifies planning permission procedures.
  • Quiet: Neither people nor animals are adversely affected by the operation of the turbines, so they are perfectly suited to both urban and natural environments.
  • Cost-efficient: High power output combined with low investment and maintenance costs radically reduces the cost per kWh. The initial investment can be recovered in a short time even in low FIT areas.
  • Low Risk: Production using existing equipment and processes in use in the automotive industry guarantees high quality and production capacity. The process of certification to international standard IEC 61400-2 for small wind turbines has already started.

๐Ÿ”—Powered by ThreeFold

Both FlowGen and ThreeFold are focused on the need for decentralisation, making them ideal partners. FlowGen will be able to provide ThreeFold with decentralised micro wind turbines & solar based energy solutions for areas with no grid connection, allowing ThreeFold to execute on its Mission to bring decentralised compute capacity to the unconnected!.

๐Ÿ”—TF Grid Solution

TFTechโ€™s primary interest is to prove the agreed joint use case for our technologies by means of an agreed showcase project and to capitalise on the marketable value of such a project and our partnership.

Additionally, TFTech would seek to pursue the following secondary objectives:

  • Expansion of Threefold Grid: to identify new prospect ThreeFold farmers and generate new sales for certified capacity on TF Grid via the HPE strategic alliance.
  • New Decentralized Apps: to identify new decentralized applications to potentially deploy and demonstrate on TF Grid.