Recently, we announced our plans to go “multichain,” bringing the ThreeFold Token (TFT) to three popular DeFi ecosystems: Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, and Huobi’s ECO Chain. Today, the bridge to BSC is now live, and TFT is available on PancakeSwap!

By making TFT more accessible, more of the world is now able to take part in the growth of a peer-to-peer Internet owned by all of us. Members of the ThreeFold community, DeFi enthusiasts, and the Binance community now have another way to access TFT, and can swap it with other BSC-based tokens as they wish.

As an added bonus, today we are also pleased to share that anyone can now buy TFT with BTC directly on the ThreeFold Connect app.

🔗What is ThreeFold all about?

ThreeFold is a quantum-safe peer-to-peer Internet (storage and compute), combining a stateless operating system with autonomous technology on a globally-distributed network of nodes. The technology stack is unstoppable (self-driving and self-healing) and our tamper-proof infrastructure can scale with demand.

Reputed organizations and blockchains (e.g. DigiByte, Polygon, CasperLabs) are joining the ThreeFold ecosystem, as it is best positioned to efficiently and truly decentralize the web through its advanced technology stack.

TFT is the official currency of ThreeFold, with each token representing a unit of reservation of capacity (storage and compute) on the ThreeFold Grid.

🔗The time to get TFT is now!

With TFT, developers and enterprises can reserve compute and storage to build any IT workload and application on the ThreeFold Grid.

Now is the best time for anyone to join ThreeFold’s decentralization movement, as we’re on the verge of releasing the next generation Internet and Cloud to mainnet, through a sequence of events starting next month.

🔗Making it easier to get TFT

🔗TFT is now live on PancakeSwap

The BSC dApp and DeFi ecosystem has grown significantly over the last few months. In April, it was reported that BSC held up to 9 million transactions per day, outperforming Ethereum’s with (under) 2 million. Further, we have witnessed ongoing innovation in this particular environment, with multiple DeFi, Yield Farming, NFT applications, and other dApps leveraging the Binance Smart Chain and its cost-effective transactions. BSC is making DeFi applications more inclusive and accessible for people around the globe.

Beyond just making TFT more accessible, ThreeFold integrated with Binance Smart Chain to empower BSC developers with its decentralized storage and compute infrastructure. They can now benefit from ThreeFold’s peer-to-peer nature and autonomous IT, with more security, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and decentralization benefits.

PancakeSwap has become the top Automated Market Maker (AMM) and Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on BSC. Multiple people in the ThreeFold community have requested to have the ability to leverage PancakeSwap’s platform – to easily swap other BSC tokens for TFT, and to utilize its yield farming and other functionalities.

🔗Ultimately, the BSC integration brings forward two major opportunities:

  1. It makes TFT more widely accessible, via one of the top smart chains in the world

Find out how to get TFT on PancakeSwap here

  1. It’s fully inclusive – anybody can now provide liquidity for TFT currency pairs

Find out how to become a TFT Liquidity Provider on PancakeSwap here

We believe in these key advantages of DeFi, where market making and providing liquidity are now decentralized to the people, and not owned or controlled by the few.

🔗Quick Access to Binance Smart Chain

For those who have experience with Binance Smart Chain, TFT can be exchanged on BSC via the following contract address:

0x8f0fb159380176d324542b3a7933f0c2fd0c2bbf (direct link here)

Please note it is very important to use the official contract address (above) and not any other address you may find elsewhere. For your own protection, please do not use contract addresses from unverified sources.​​​​​​

🔗A BTC-TFT integration on the ThreeFold Connect app

ThreeFold Connect (available on the App Store and Google Play has long been a way for people to store their TFT. Now, anyone can buy TFT with BTC directly from the app itself. Learn how to buy TFT with BTC here.

The PancakeSwap listing and the BTC integration into the ThreeFold Connect Wallet both aim to make it easier to get TFT for people around the world. We will continue these types of efforts as we go, in the spirit of inclusion and participation in the peer-to-peer Internet.

With any questions, please head to our forum or our two-way chat.