There are many reasons to become a Farmer on the ThreeFold Grid.

The Internet economy is booming, and we expect 125 Zetabytes of capacity to be connected to the Internet in the next five years to cope with the rising data demands of emerging technologies such as IoT, blockchain and Big Data.

A Zetabyte has twenty-one zeros. While the market is booming, it remains controlled only by large tech corporations that build hyper-scale data centers and turn people into products. This centralized approach is inefficient, extremely costly and unsustainable.

With ThreeFold, anyone can plug-in 3Nodes and take part in the global Internet economy (we call this process Farming and people Farmers). By doing so, Farmers not only contribute to the growth of a neutral, secure and sustainable Internet infrastructure, but also get rewarded for it in TFT on a monthly basis for keeping Internet capacity online.