We are looking for a skilled leader to plan, direct and coordinate all operations of the ThreeFold Grid.  

Your critical thinking ability will help analyze and suggest cost-effective growth strategies for the ThreeFold Grid. Moreover, you will be acting as the first point of contact between the main farmers and team members. Also, you should be able to review the project budget and monitor expenses. 

You should be able to communicate the organization’s requirements and objectives effectively. Furthermore, you have to ensure that all projects adhere to the foundation’s standards. As a ThreeFold Grid Ops Lead, you should possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills. You should be able to display a team spirit as well as the ability to work collaboratively. 

If you think you are qualified for the Operation Lead role, then do apply now. We would love to meet you.


The ThreeFold Grid will eventually have millions of nodes and users, and we need to find the best ways to operate and interact with such a network of capacity. Your role will be to take ownership over the operational status of the ThreeFold Grid as well as the tools we have developed to maintain and monitor the Grid.

Your main responsibilities will be around making sure the ThreeFold Grid is:

  • Operational (maintain uptime, security, reliability)
  • We do control change management (upgrades) and coordinate with the farming community
  • We have a good monitoring system in place, so everyone can see the status of the TFGrid
  • Coordinate with all required parties to achieve the above goals



  • Able to manage global operations 
  • Empowering global operations with human and technical skills.
  • Motivate your global team of contributors and team leads.
  • Able to work with Quality Assurance Coordinator around product quality.
  • Understanding of privacy and security ethos and work closely with the Security Coordinator.
  • Able to interact with the community to collect feedback and data for agile progress.
  • Always improve & maintain the overall performance and sales potential of the ThreeFold Grid.


  • Understand how to run a large-scale cloud infrastructure involving many factors.
  • Know what it takes to keep a large network of servers running, lots of what we do has never been done before
  • Fluent in at least 2 development languages (scripting ok)
  • Fluent with Linux
  • Fluent with GitHub, agile processes
  • Good knowledge about Docker / Kubernetes


  • Fluent in English
  • Good communicator
  • Understand and follow Pareto 20/80 rule
  • Be a good teacher
  • Understand what it means to be a team lead

What we offer

  • Flexible hours working remotely for our company based in Belgium
  • A competitive wage
  • Great team spirit
  • Yearly team trips abroad