Why should I care? 

Do you remember the time where you could create your own safe space and decide what others see and know?

Why should I care? Picture

🔗Why should I care?

Do you remember when you could create your own safe space and decide what others see and know? Now, whether you are at home, in the middle of a city, or hiking a mountain, you’re never really alone. More and more, the technology we used is connected to the internet. Cars, fridges, energy meters, even baby monitors send out data about you and your family 24/7 beyond your control.

🔗Behind the scene

This data is collected for spurious purposes: to better predict your behaviour and target you with ads. The targeted advertising ecosystem, using trackers included in the sites you visit and Software Development Kits (SDKs) in the apps you use, aims to get a better picture of you to present you with more relevant ads.

But it doesn’t stop there. The ad tech ecosystem has one main feature: connecting companies to you through an opaque and technically complex infrastructure, allowing almost anyone to enter the data collection and exchange market. Moreover, this means any companies can participate in processes such as Real-Time Bidding (an automated process that enables advertisers to target particular groups of people on different websites, videos, apps without having to negotiate prices directly), only to collect data and never display ads. 

This means that companies, such as two AdTech companies that track your activities on a different set of sites, can grab data from each other to consolidate the data and profiles they have on people. Consequently, companies participating in this ecosystem (or sometimes on their own) can sell your data to clients that may not be using it to try and sell you stuff. This is the unhealthy and unsustainable digital cycle that we live in.


Given these examples, it is not hard to imagine that your personal data can be used to influence the price of products and services proposed to you, particularly from companies and institutions. 

So, let’s join forces together and, as a community, reclaim our freedom and get back ownership of your data. With Digital Twin, you are at the centre of your digital world. No one else.