An Open Invitation for Testing

Now’s the time to start utilizing what we’ve built together and to start deploying the solutions and experiences we want to see in this world.

An Open Invitation for TestingPicture

The ThreeFold technology, ecosystem and community have the potential to kickstart a new Internet era filled with abundance and opportunities for all. ThreeFold is 100% open-source, so anyone can contribute to ThreeFold on GitHub and build their own solutions and applications on ThreeFold’s infrastructure.

Now’s the time to start utilizing what we’ve built together and to start deploying the solutions and experiences we want to see in this world. Now’s the time to build better alternatives for people, enterprises and governments on top of this foundational infrastructure.

We invite you all to come in, see what’s possible, and start building – today!

🔗Why is testing so crucial?

ThreeFold created an open-source peer-to-peer Internet infrastructure that offers a place for developers, end-users and everyone in-between to collectively build an open digital world with full digital sovereignty. We seek to re-imagine business, governance, finance, education and more to build a better future for all.

This future can only be achieved with the collaboration of a strong, healthy and dedicated community. One of the key challenges for a project like ours is the continuous testing and improving of new features as well as building all of the applications and solutions we’d like to see to enhance and grow the ecosystem. Community contributions are the heart and a crucial driver of the growing ThreeFold movement – a global movement that is open and decentralized, meaning it is up to each and everyone of us to push things forward.

No matter your experience level, from developers to end-users and everyone in-between, there are options for you to contribute to ThreeFold. Whether you’re more tech-savvy and would like to develop solutions on top of the Grid and test tech features or rather help us improve the manuals and spread the word, there are many ways to take action and support the movement.

A reliable, open-source peer-to-peer infrastructure together with a growing community of enthusiastic, driven developers and end-users are the key to accelerating the growth and development of the Grid and to unlocking all of its potential. And the more people believe in ThreeFold and our Internet of Internets vision, the sooner we can bring digital sovereignty, empowerment and meaningful experiences to the world.

🔗Why should you join ThreeFold’s tester community?

So why get involved in ThreeFold? Well first of all, you can join an engaged, open movement that seeks to shape the future we want to live in and provide better solutions for our planet and people. You can meet, exchange and collaborate with people from all over the world that share similar interests and values.

You also learn new skills and get to know some innovative technology that enables you to build and test pretty cool applications and solutions – like deploying a Subsquid instance on the ThreeFold Playground or checking out the different decentralized alternatives to solutions we use every day like WhatsApp, YouTube, Chrome or Zoom with FreeFlow Twin. Our open, friendly and skilled community can offer you support and advice as you start testing and building. Let’s help each other and build cool stuff together!

🔗The ThreeFold Community – Where ideas come to life

Curious about what fellow community members are building on ThreeFold? Here are a few recent examples:

  • Teisie has been working on a few great tools to make things easier for his fellow ThreeFolders like an iOS app for node monitoring and a geo explorer. Moreover, he’s been working on an uptime tool and deployment calculator – hosted on the Grid and using Drew’s gateway node for public access. Learn more here. Well done, Teisie!
  • Another skilled community member building on the Grid is Drew. With his community project for a Cockpit management interface, he provides a web-based interface for managing a VM that allows users to do a lot of maintenance tasks without ssh – even including full remote desktop capabilities from the browser. Pretty cool, right?

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring and using the many solutions on the ThreeFold Grid today – whether by deploying a weblet, testing the FreeFlow Twin or simply joining our testing group!

🔗How to get started?

There are many ways to get started with ThreeFold. If you’re new to ThreeFold in general, I recommend starting with “Building a New Internet From the Ground Up” – an approachable blog series on the inner workings of the Grid.

A great way to learn more is also by checking out the ThreeFold Litepaper and by exploring the knowledge base. The ThreeFold Grid manual has everything you need to dive right into ThreeFold’s open-source infrastructure and technology.

Key resources to get started: