The (Re)Birth of the Internet.

ThreeFold is a peer-to-peer open-source Internet platform that connects users directly with
local Internet capacity provided by farmers. No intermediaries such as centralized servers.

The ThreeFold Grid v3.7

Live and Operational

38.86PB capacity
2777 nodes
64 countries
67,212 cores

Together We Build. Start Your Journey.

The future is about decentralization, participation, and working together to achieve our goals. As a decentralized movement, we encourage the community to get involved. This new Internet can only succeed if we find ways to collaborate where we together pull this Internet concept forward. Below, please find some of the ways you can join us in building a better Internet.

Farm Local Internet Capacity and Earn TFT


By connecting hardware at your home or office – or anywhere you’d like – you provide Internet capacity
for the people around you and earn a new digital currency, TFT.

Build On Top of a Decentralized Infrastructure


True digital sovereignty for open-source builders. The ThreeFold Grid provides limitless possibilities,
and brings a playground of industry-compatible easy-to-deploy solutions for developers.

Join the Community. Grow the Movement.


If you believe what we believe, then believe us, there is room for you in this movement. Join the community. Ask questions.
Bring suggestions – this is our project. Tell a friend. Tell many friends! Together we build.

The Team

Spread across the world, our team has built some of the world’s best Internet storage and cloud automation technologies since the ‘90s. With a strong vision for the future, we’re now on a mission to create a peer-to-peer Internet that can host all of humanity’s digital workloads via smart contract, removing all forms of centralization from global IT systems.

Believers and Collaborators
In a Better Internet

We are truly proud to be trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry.


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